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May you know types of Clash of Clans Mod, but did you ever hard MiroClash? No! Then let’s talk about this masterpiece Mod version of original Clash of Clans game. This is a modified version game of COC which also comes with a privet server that allow players to enjoy with unlimited gems, gold, coins, for free. Well, this game will be totally free to play which you can enjoy on your any Android device. But before you play this game, you need to know about this game and how it’s work, right? So read this article to know more about this game.

If you are a mobile gamer, then you will already know about Clash of Clans game, which is the most popular mobile classic top grossing strategy game, which is available for Android and iOS both mobile devices. Now if you wish to play this game with some extra features like unlimited resources, unlocked super troops, then you can try out this MiroClash privet server game on your Android.

What Is MiroClash?

MiroClash is a modded game of Clash of Clans which run with a privet server where players can play the game as usual as original COC, but the extra features of this game will be unlimited gems, resources, and more which you can enjoy for free. However, this is a fan made game which is only players play for entertainment purpose. MiroClash is a private server for the popular mobile game Clash of Clans. It is not affiliated with the official Clash of Clans game or its developers, Supercell. It’s important to note that MiroClash allows players to enjoy a modified version of Clash of Clans, with new features and abilities that are not available in the original game.

Why MiroClash?

MiroClash latest for Android

MiroClash modifications will include unlimited resources, custom heroes, and new buildings, among other things. Which is not available on others COC Mods, so to enjoy some new modified features you have to try this one. Even this one provide users a powerful, stable server where you will experience the game as same the original COC, without lag or slow gameplay. Now get the game and play most smooth gameplay on your Android for free.

App NameMiroClash
Size168.2 MB
Android Required4.4+
Latest Version3.27.9
Last UpdateMay 11, 2023

Get the latest version MiroClash with Working Stable Privet Server for Android

Features You’ll Get From MiroClash

MiroClash will provide you more features than others COC Mod with good stable privet server, which is totally free to play on your Android. To know more about this game features, please read below to know more.

  • Heroes Skins Unlocked
  • Super Troops Unlocked
  • Unlocked All Sceneries
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited All Resources
  • Stable Uptime Server
  • For All Android
  • Available Multiplayer Mode

Heroes Skins Unlocked


Hero skins are cosmetic changes that can be applied to the heroes in Clash of Clans to give them a unique appearance. But after changed heroes skins they will never get any abilities or power, only they will look unique. Some skins are available for purchase in the in-game shop using gems, while others are given as rewards for completing certain challenges or events. The Archer Queen can be given a skin that makes her look like a Gladiator, a Royal Champion, or a Clockwork Warden. As like, you can also change grand warden skin too to give them look different. So enjoy unlocked all heroes skins and personalize your heroes to give them a new look on battlefield.

Super Troops Unlocked

Super Troops are more powerful than a regular troops which we can be unlocked and trained once the player reaches Town Hall 11. They have higher stats than their regular counterparts, including increased damage, health, and speed. Even they are more cost housing space and training time, as well as requiring a special resource called Dark Elixir to train. Super troops are unlocked by using Dark Elixir to activate them for a limited time period, usually for a week at a time. And the good news is you can unlock them after reach 11 Town Hall, and play with them without any worry about resources, because you have already unlimited resources free to use.

Unlocked All Sceneries


In Clash of Clans, the scenery refers to the background and decorations in your village. There are different types of scenery available in the game. For example, default scenery, seasonal scenery, special scenery, builder base scenery. A player’s scenery used to make their base unique and look different. And if you also wish to use a scenery on your base, then you can play this MiroClash to set a new scenery on your base. And you don’t need to pay for it, just need to follow the play steps and then you’ll be able to unlock a new scenery.

Unlimited Gems

In the game Clash of Clans, gems are a valuable resource that can be used to speed up various in-game processes, purchase items, and acquire resources. Gems can be earned by completing achievements, clearing obstacles, and receiving them as rewards for completing challenges. You can also purchase lots of gems from the game by spending your real money. And there are many ways you can spend your gems by playing this game

Unlimited All Resources


In Clash of Clans, there are four main resources that players must collect and manage in order to build and upgrade their base, train troops. And there are types of resources have to collect like Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, and gems. In this Clash of Clans is a most primary resource which used to build and upgrade defensive structures, walls, and traps in the player’s base. Well, the surprised news is in this Mod version of MiroClash you’ll get unlimited resources for free.

Stable Uptime Server


In Clash of Clans (COC), servers are the computer systems that host the game and allow players to connect and play together. When a player opens the game on their device, it connects to the Clash of Clans server to retrieve their saved data, including their progress, base layout, and resources. The official COC server, maintained by the game’s developer, Supercell. And same as MiroClash also run with a privet server which is not connected to the official server, and that’s why you’ll have unlimited recourses and unlocked troops and others features.

For All Android

The original Clash of Clans have available for Android and iOS mobile devices, but as you know this is a modded version which is has only for Android devices. And the good news is you can play this game with your any Android devices which will supportable. Even you don’t need to have a high-end device or free space. Just download the APK file from here and install by following the installation guide showing below.

Available Multiplayer Mode


In Clash of Clans, the multiplayer mode allows players to battle against each other in real-time. Players can either join a random match or invite friends to battle. Once a player has found a match, they will be given a set amount of time to prepare their troops and defenses before the battle begins. During the battle, players can control their troops and use spells to defeat their opponents. As same, MiroClash also support PvP multiplayer mode, which you can enjoy with your friends by creating a clan. And have powerful battle.

Download The MiroClash For Android

So what you think about MiroClash? To play Clash of Clans Mod with more features, you can try this version which also run with a privet server, so you don’t need to worry about any risk. You can play this Mod with creating a new account to avoid your account suspend or band. As you can read in this post we have shared with you all about this game which will help you to play this game more knowledge and information which you can also share with your friends too.

How To Download MiroClash

It’s very easy to install MiroClash on your Android, but before you install this app on your device, you have to download the APK package on your device. To download the APK file just, you need to follow the showing steps below.

  • Click on the download button from the post.
  • Then you’ll visit our download page, then select the latest version button and downloading will start.
  • The downloading process will take a moment, depend on your network.

How To Install MiroClash

To install MiroClash on your Android will easy, just you need to download the APK file from here and follow the steps below. (But if you have already known how to install a third party app, then you can skip this steps)

  • To install a third party app on your Android device, you must have to enable unknown source from your device setting.
  • If your device is set to block apps from unknown sources, you will need to allow installations from unknown sources. To do this, go to “Settings” on your device, then “Security,” and then enable “Unknown sources.” Note that enabling this setting can make your device more vulnerable to security threats.
  • Then go to your device file manager and click on the APK file, and installation process will start.
  • After installation done, you can launch it from your home screen or app drawer.
Installtion-for-MiroClash Done

Note: You don’t need to worry about install a third party app on your Android, because we have shared with you the APK file after all security check, which is totally malware free.

People Also Ask

Q1: How to play MiroClash?

To play this game is very easy, you can play this game as like Clash of Clans. Even this Mod allow you to create your own clan or play with all real payers. Because this game is well popular which have a million of active users.

Q2: How to get MiroClash?

To get the latest version of MiroClash you can click on download button from this post, where we have shared with you the latest version trusted MiroClash APK for Anddoid.

Q3: Is MiroClash Still Working in 2023?

Unfortunately No, as you know MicroClash is a modded version of Clash of Clans where players can enjoy the game with unlimited gems and recourses. And that’s why the original developer’s supercell have been taken down the server. So currently MiroClash is offline or unable to play.

Q4: What are the special features of MiroClash?

MicroClash make more special with their special features like, Hero goku available, running server & best uptime, No server crash, unlocked gold pass, unlocked all sceneries, super troops unlocked, etc.

Q5: Is MiroClash legal?

MicroClash is a fan made Mod version game of original Lash of Clans which provide lots of features with a privet server. But technically, MiroClash is not supported by Supercell. And it’s it violate the game’s terms of service. Even plying this Mod can be harmful for account. In short, MiroClash is not legal.

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