Clash Paradise Download APK 2023 Private Server for Android

Clash Paradise is an unofficial private server for the popular mobile game Clash of Clans. It offers various custom modifications and features that are not available in the official game, such as unlimited resources, custom buildings and troops, and faster upgrades. It’s completely free to play game which you can play using your Android device. Even this game will very easy to install which is made for non-root devices, and you can play the game as usual the original version. It’s also allowed you to chat with others players, clan war, battle was, clan game, which is same as the original COC.

However, playing a privet server game is risky, because a privet server COC is not operated by supercell. But you don’t need to worry about your personal or device information, it will save. Because we have shared with you the original Clash Paradise, which is not copied version, and safe and secure by our security team. This game is only made for fun purpose which players can play for entertainment purpose and expressing the max level troops and base.

What Is Clash Paradise?

Clash Paradise is a private server for the mobile game Clash of Clans. Private servers like Clash Paradise are not affiliated with the official game developers, and they are not regulated or monitored by them. Using a private server like Clash Paradise allows players to access additional features and resources that are not available in the official game. In short, this game will give you features like unlimited gems, gold, and elixir, as well as custom features like modified buildings, troops, and defenses. And this is a fan made game which is modified version which players only play for entertainment purpose only. And we request you to don’t use this app for illegal activities.

Why Clash of Paradise?


Clash Paradise run with a privet server which allow you to play with unlimited recourses and all features as like original Clash of Clans, Even in this game allow you to create your own clan and join a war. Well, as you know, this is a privet server operated game which has a strong and powerful server where you can play the game without any lag or glitch. Even this server also have anti-ban option which will protect you too, from getting ban on your account.

App NameClash Paradise
Size116 MB
Android Required4.4+
ServerPrivate Server
Last UpdateMay 11, 2023

Get the latest version Clash Paradise with Working Stable Privet Server for Android

Features You’ll Get From Clash Paradise

From Clash Paradise, you’ll get many amazing features which will give you a new gaming experience of Clash of Clans. To know more read below.

  • (Multiplayer Battle) Play multiplayer battle with your own friends along with worldwide player.
  • (Create a Clan) Create your own clan and invite your friends who also play Clash Paradise.
  • (War Games) Play war game though your clan with real players.
  • (Communication) The clash Paradise also allow you to chat with global and with your clan members.
  • (Unlimited Resource) It’s comes with already unlimited resources which you can use without any cost.
  • (Unlocked Gems) Even here you’ll get unlimited gems which you can use for anything.
  • (Unlocked Heroes Skins) There are varices of hero skins which you use in one tap, to make your own personalty.
  • (Unlocked Scenery) In Clash of Clans, scenery is the background design which also make a different look on your base too, and those all scenery are unlocked.
  • (Regular Update) The privet server is well working and regular updated which you can enjoy on your Android.
  • (Stable Private Server) The provided game called Clash Paradise run with a private server which is a powerful stable server system where you can enjoy the game smoothly.

Unlimited Resource


In Clash of Clans, resources refer to the primary currencies that players use to build and upgrade their base, train troops, and research upgrades. There are four types of resources in Clash of Clans. And gold is the primary resource used to build and upgrade defensive structures, walls, traps, and to train and upgrade troops. Also, elixir is used to train and upgrade troops, research spells, and build and upgrade offensive structures like army camps and spell factories. Players can collect Dark Elixir from Dark Elixir drills, completing daily missions, and from attacking other players. And the good news is Clash Paradise bring you to unlimited resource for free.

Unlimited Gems

Gems are the premium currency in Clash of Clans, and they can be used to speed up building and upgrading, buy resources, boost training times, and purchase other premium items. Gems can be earned by completing in-game achievements or by purchasing them with real money. Managing and maximizing your resources is a critical part of the game. Players must balance the production and storage of resources with the cost of upgrading and training troops to create a strong base and army. In Clash of Clans game, gems is the primary currency, which players can purchase from the game by spending the real money. But before you buy those gems you can play this game as a trail to know more for excremental purpose.

Unlocked Heroes Skins

Heroes skins in Clash of Clans are special cosmetic upgrades that can be applied to the game’s three heroes: the Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Grand Warden. Heroes skins do not provide any gameplay advantages, but they allow players to personalize and customize their heroes’ appearance. But if you wish, as you change your heroes skins to make look different with unique, then you can change the skins in one tab from the game. Because in this version you don’t need to pay for those skins, they have already unlocked to use.

Unlocked Scenery

Unlocked Scenery clash paradise

Clash of Clans is a mobile strategy game that is set in a medieval fantasy world. The game features a variety of different landscapes, such as forests, mountains, and deserts, and the player’s village is located in one of these settings. The scenery in Clash of Clans is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, with different types of terrain affecting the gameplay in various ways. For example, certain buildings can only be constructed on certain types of terrain, and obstacles like trees and rocks can obstruct the placement of buildings and defensive structures. To change the scenery on your base, just click on your Town Hall and where from you can change the background scenery in one click.

Unlocked Super Troops

Super Troops are special, upgraded versions of regular troops in Clash of Clans. To unlock Super Troops, players need to have a level 11 Town Hall and a level 10 Barracks. Once unlocked, players can activate one Super Troop at a time for a limited duration using Dark Elixir. For example, the Super Wall Breaker has a larger explosion radius and deals more damage than the regular Wall Breaker, while the Super Giant has a higher hit point and deals more damage to defenses. And in this game has unlocked all those super troops which you can use them as you wish without level pass.

Multiplayer Battle Mode

Multiplayer Battle Mode in clash paradise

To start a multiplayer battle, players must first search for an opponent using the game’s matchmaking system. The matchmaking system takes into account the player’s Town Hall level, trophies, and other factors to find an opponent with similar strength. The goal is to get a three-star victory by completely destroying the opponent’s base or getting at least two stars by causing enough damage to their defenses. In this game, you don’t need to follow any basic rules to play the multiplayer battle mode.

Join or Create Own Clan

In Clash Paradise, you can create your own clan where you can play with others real players. Even, you can play the game as usual, the original game. With the private server without lag or glitch, so then you can also enjoy the clan war without having any issues. So create your own clan and play together with your friends. After creating your Clan, you can invite other players to join, participate in Clan Wars, and work together to earn Clan XP and rewards.

Download The Clash Paradise For Android

Get the latest version, Clash Paradise from here and enjoy the unlimited resources including gems with the privet server. Provide game, give you a powerful server where you can enjoy the game without lag or glitch. Taking about the game which will be safe to play on your Android because before we shared with you, we have tested the APK which is fully safe to play and gives you ensure that the provided game will be anti-ban. Well as you, this is a third party developed game which may get late update any sometimes not working for over late version. So make sure which version you’re going to use, or if it’s the eldest version then till you can play others Mods which will be working version like Nulls Clash, Magic Clash, etc. If you have more quires about the game then you can leave a comment below or direct contact with us.

How To Download Clash Paradise

Step1: Click on the download button from the bottom of the post.

Step2: You’ll redirect to our download page, from where you can create choose the server and version you wish to download.

Step3: Then downloading will start, and it will take a moment, depend on your internet speed.

How To Install Clash of Paradise

To install the Clash Paradise APK (Android application package) file on an Android device, you can follow these steps.

Note: First, make sure that your device is set up to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. To do this, go to “Settings” on your device, then “Security,” and make sure the “Unknown sources” option is enabled.

Step1: Once the download is complete, locate the APK file on your device. You can do this by using a file manager app or by checking the “Downloads” folder.

Step2: Tap on the APK file to begin the installation process.

Step3: The installation process may take a few moments to complete, depending on the size of the app.

Step4: Once the app is installed, you can open it from your app drawer or home screen.

Clash of ClansClash Paradise
Limited ResourceUnlimited Resource
You Have To Buy GemsGems Are Already Unlimited
You Have To Unlock Heroes SkinsUnlocked Every Single Heroes Skins
All The Scenery LockedGet Every Scenery Unlocked
Official ServerStable Privet Server

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Q1: Using the Clash Paradise is safe?

Clash Paradise is a private server for the mobile game Clash of Clans, which allows players to access additional features and resources not available in the official game. Well, playing a privet server like Clash Paradise will be safe and secure for your device privacy, because the developers gives you the ensured that it’s made for fun purpose which you have to play with your secondary account.

Q2: What is the best private server for Clash of Clans?

May you know there are varieties of Clash of Clans privet server game which gives us types of features for free. But in this time there is few active servers which are still able to play like Nulls Clash, Atrasis COC, Clash of Magic. And one of the most popular and working server COC is Nulls Clash which has daily million of players.

Q3: How to play Clash Paradise on PC or Laptop?

To play the Clash Paradise on your PC, you must have to use Android emulator on your PC, then you can easily install the game on your PC, even others Android games and apps. (But it’s important to note that your PC should be higher capacity to install an Android emulator)

Q4: How to Change name in Clash Paradise?

To change your name on Clash Paradise will be so easy, you can follow the steps below to change.
1. Open the game on your device>> 2. Tap on your current name, located in the top left corner of the screen, next to your profile picture>> 3. Tap the “Settings” button located in the bottom right corner of the screen>> 4. Tap the “Change Name” button>> Enter your new name in the text box>> 5. Tap the “Continue” button, you will be prompted to confirm your name change. But you can only change your name in Clash of Clans once every 60 days.

Q5: How to update the Clash Paradise?

Well, as you know, this is an unofficial game, which you can’t update using an official app store like Google Play Store or others store. So you have to install the latest version by again downloading the APK file from here.

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