Master Royale (Official) Latest Private Server

Master Royale is a modified version of the popular mobile game Clash Royale, which provides players with access to unlimited amounts of Gems and Gold. So why not try it out and see what exciting opportunities await you in the Master Royale Privet Server?

Master Royale is a privet server of Clash Royale which offers users to experience the ultimate feel of playing with unlimited resource and gems. As we all know the Clash Royale because it is a very popular game across the world, Currently it has more than hundred million players, and they really love to play the game, and they enjoy the multiplayer battle as well. So in each of the players are getting bored by playing the official version and now player want to try something new and exciting. So here are Master Royale APK which highly customized and offers many attractive features that Clash Royale never allow their users. The Master Royale is a very smooth and stable privet server available on the internet, where you can play the game 24/7. Along with the privet server has so many new troops cards tower skins, also here you will get all the tower skins are already unlocked. So to the best version of Clash Royale this Master Royale is always best for every user.

Definition of Master Royale

Clash Royale is another strategy game developed by supercell, And it is also popular like Clash of Clans. So the concern is what is the Master Royale, Basically it’s a privet server and a third party modified version of Clash Royale here player will get lots of extra features compare to the official version. Each of the games modified version always comes with so many social features, So the same way this Master Royale very special for players. Playing this privet server you have never been in offline because this server is so smooth and stable. Master Royale gives you unlimited resource which you can use for multiplayer battle for new cards. In short finding for the best privet server of Clash Royale then the Master Royale is incredible.

What Does Master Royale Do?

Master Royale is for basically those players who try something new about the Clash Royale, Because they’re getting bored by plying daily same official. This privet server gives the ultimate experience of playing in the max level of Clash Royale, Otherwise to make new account max it takes years. So the Master Royale is basically for entertaining purpose where they can find everything is unlocked and unlimited, users don’t have to provide afford, and they can find everything which they still never get after playing almost few months. Most of the time this privet server of Clash Royale stay online but if any time you find it’s offline then don’t worry because it’s only for server maintenance. In short Master Royale gives you a years experience in just few days with its unlocked features.

Package Information of Master Royale

App NameMaster Royale Infinity
Size168.2 MB
Android Required4.4+
Latest Version3.27.9
Last UpdateFeb 07, 2023


Getting more gems from Clash Royale it will take lots of real money but the Master Royale has unlimited even free, Not only gems even the game is also free including everything.


The Master Royale is always entertaining for player with its ultimate features and new troops cards, The best experience of playing max game.


The Master Royale’s privet server is one of the best server of Clash Royale, Where you will always stay online without any kinds of interruptions.

Block Calls

While plying multilayer battle any kinds of call can ruin your fun, and you will lose the battle, But in the Master Royale there are option to block unwanted calls.

Why Choose Mater Royale

Available features in Master Royale

Explaining and understanding the features of Master Royale then there are endless to explore. While going for a multiplayer battle then there you need a very strong card to deploy otherwise you will lose the battle, So here you will get all cards are already unlocked. Kings tower in the Clash Royale is the most impotent thing for winning a battle, So you can customize each of the towers including Kitchen Tower, Party Hut, Frozen Tower, Birthday Card, Thermal Baths, etc. In the other hand every player need to communicate with other players, So there are available emotes, but the official one has locked so play the Master Royale to get all emotes unlocked already. While playing the game the Master Royale has inbuilt command features in short that is short cart of game for example using the /full command you can take every card to the max level. Not only that there are also available so many features to explore including:

Free Unlimited Gems

As we all know that gems are the most valuable currency in the Clash Royale, Because with gems you can purchase everything including cards and other things. But getting more gems is not easy for player, and they have to complete so many events to getting rewards of gems. So if you want more gems then there are Clash Royale store available which offers player to buy gems with real money, but it’s too costly for players. So players want to play the game with more gems free, So getting free unlimited gems the Master Royale is best the reason is here you will get truly unlimited gems even free.

Free Unlimited Resource

Playing the Clash Royale resource is very important for player, In resource you will get golds and elixirs which help players to unlock cards and also other things. Also, to maximize the game lots of resource needed, So in order to get more resource you to play multiplayer or buying from store. To buy more resource like elixir and gold it takes lots of real money. But don’t worry and install the Master Royale you will get truly unlimited resource. So why are you bearing just play the Master Royale and experience the unlimited resource and always keep entertaining with gold and elixir.

All Cards Unlocked

Cards are a key element of Clash Royale and are used by players to deploy troops, spells, and buildings on the game board to attack and defend against opponents. Each card has a unique set of characteristics, including hit points, attack range, speed, and special abilities. Troop Cards: These cards represent different types of troops, such as archers, giants, and wizards. Troop cards are used to attack and defend against enemy troops and buildings.

Awesome Events

In Clash Royale, events are special game modes or challenges that offer unique gameplay experiences and rewards for players. These events are often time-limited and are available for players to participate in for a limited period. Special Challenges: These are unique challenges that require players to use specific cards or deck archetypes to complete. Special challenges can offer exclusive rewards and can be a great way to earn new cards and gold. Overall, events are an important part of the Clash Royale experience and offer players a chance to earn rewards, test their skills, and compete against other players from around the world. And in this privet server also provide all those special events to give all players real feel.


PVP in Clash Royale refers to the player versus player mode of the game where two players battle each other in real-time using their respective decks of cards. In this mode, each player has a King Tower and two Princess Towers to defend, and the objective is to destroy the opponent’s King Tower while defending your own. To win in Clash Royale PVP, players must strategically deploy their troops, spells, and buildings to attack and defend their towers while also managing their elixir resources effectively. The game has a wide variety of different cards to choose from, each with unique abilities and strengths, which allows players to customize their deck and develop their own playstyle. Clash Royale PVP matches can be played in different arenas, with each arena unlocking as the player progresses through the game and earns trophies by winning matches.

Master Royale Vs Clash Royale

To tell about more about Master Royale we have created this opposing & against both game features which you can check below. By this Vs we are trying to explain you those amazing features of Master Royale game which you can play to entertain yourself and to know what you’ll experience when you’ll upgrade your troops and others as a pro player.

Master RoyaleClash Royale
Unlimited Recourses for FreeRecourses You Have to Earn
Already Unlock All TournamentsYou Have Unlocked Yourself
Free Legendary ChestHave to Buy Free Legendary Chest
Privet Server (Sometime Slow)Official Server All Time Active and Most Stable
Free to PlayFree to Play
Free Legendary ChestPaid

How to Install for Android

To install Master Royale on your Android device, you must have to download our provided APK file from here.

As you know, this is a third party developed game which is not available in our Google Play Store, you must have to download the APK file from here and install manually on your device. To download the APK file from here will be very easy and fast, so you can follow the steps below.

To Download: Click on the download button, and you’ll visit our download page where from you can download the game in different server, so choose one and click for download. (Before download the APK file, check your internet data limit and device storage space)

To Install: Now visit your file manager and click on the APK file>> Than installation process will start. This process will take a moment, so don’t exit or clear the device cache. (Note: To install this game, you must have to enable the unknown source permission from your device)

After completing the process, you can open the game and enter your username (any) you can enjoy the game as you wish.

Note: You can play Master Royale and Clash Royale on your same Android device in same time. So you don’t need to uninstall your Clash Royale game to install Master Royale.


Master Royale working with a privet server which is same as original Clash Royale game, but the privet server gives you lots of amazing features that haven’t in normal version. And the behind reason why peoples love to play Master Royale. It gives you features like real unlimited gold, gems, stable server, etc. Even you can enjoy this game with multiply mode with others real players, because this privet server game play a million of real players. With this article, we have shown you all about this game with a better explanation of those features. Hope you’ll enjoy this game as like others a million of players does. You can follow our installation guide to install this game in your Android device, but if you got some error in installation then feel free and contact us or comment below, our support team will resolve your issue.

Peoples Also Ask

Que: Is playing the Master Royale APK safe?

Ans: Playing the privet server people though It’s unsafe for their and the thing is its true in some case. But don’t worry by downloading the Master Royale from here you have no risk because the Master Royale is complete safe to use, Even it doesn’t ask for root to play.

Que: How to get Master Royale?

Ans: Getting Master Royale there are many sites you will get but not all are secure and working. So you can download the Master Royale from, We are providing the best authentic version where players can enjoy the gameplay without having any interruptions.

Que: How to update the Master Royale APK?

Ans: Whenever any new update want to the Master Royale you don’t to visit any other sites just come back here and get the latest version. We always provide latest version to our users.

Que: How to play Master Royale?

Ans: Master Royale is a modified version of the mobile game Clash Royale, so the gameplay is largely the same. Here’s a brief overview of how to play: >> Build your deck: You start by selecting eight cards from your collection to create a deck. Each card represents a different unit or spell that you can use to attack your opponent’s towers. >>Battle your opponent: In each game, you are matched up against another player with a similar skill level.

Que: How to get Master Royale IOS?

Ans: One way to download Master Royale on iOS is to use a third-party app installer such as Cydia Impactor or TutuApp. However, these methods require you to jailbreak your iOS device, which can void your warranty and potentially expose your device to security risks.

Disclaimer: Supercell does not have any affiliation with, endorsement of, sponsorship of, or specific approval of this content, and therefore, is not responsible for it. Please refer to Supercell’s Fan Content Policy at for further information.

Supercell does not have any affiliation with, endorsement of, sponsorship of, or specific approval of this content, and therefore, is not responsible for it. Please refer to Supercell’s Fan Content Policy at for further information.

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